Crowd Control Barrier Hire

Take full control…

Crowd control barriers are excellent for keeping your event safe and secure and ensuring your customers stay where you want them to.

Our crowd control barriers are ideal for zoning off backstage areas, managing queue systems at concerts and large sporting events or simply restricting access to your venue.

We stock large quantities of crowd control barriers at our base in Cheshire and have the resources to load and transport them all in house.

All of our crowd control barriers are of a fixed leg design and have a rod infill linking system so that you can link multiple barriers together. Each barrier measures 2.3 meters in length and is 1.3 meters high.

Our crowd control barrier service can include delivery to your chosen venue and set up of the barriers to your desired layout.

All of our crowd control barriers are clean and of a high quality event standard.

Our barriers are delivered in bespoke stillages fabricated to our exact specification, these can be safely loaded, unloaded and transported around your event saving considerable man-power, time and ultimately money.

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