Refurbishment & Repairs

We are well equipped to restore and care for your festive decorations saving money on more costly replacements with sensible priced repairs.

The single most important thing you can do for your festive lighting is to store it correctly, so many companies take Christmas lights down and stack them in a corner out of the way or use wheelie bins the list of bad practices are endless.  These practices will shorten the life of your festive lighting by several years.

Our thorough service brings you the following benefits;

-We can repair most types of motif in house, whether originally supplied by us or not.

-Following repair we will refit or if it requires a lead time we normally have something in our inventory that we can loan to your scheme so that the look of your festive scheme is not diminished in any way whilst repairs are undertaken.

-You will be kept fully informed and advised of any cost implications and will only be invoiced for the work when the motifs are repaired and re-installation is completed.

-If repair is uneconomical or undesirable for safety reasons, we will advise you immediately so you have time to plan properly for next year.

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