The storage of your festive lighting is the single most important factor in the longevity of your scheme and the longevity of it will depend on how it is stored and maintained.

The common misconception of most installers is that if they are fortunate enough to endure dry weather on the day of take-down or even a few days of dry weather prior to take-down then the lights and motifs are nice and dry, WRONG!

We have made this mistake and learnt from it, moisture from the last 8 to 12 weeks of being outside in all weathers will have found its way to places where the human eye cannot see or comprehend, if stored without drying the moisture will sweat and corrode wires and soldered joints in LED’s leading to imminent failure.

But lights are waterproof and IP rated I here you saying… yes they are but only to a degree and whilst hanging in the outdoors they get wet and they dry again which is fine but if stored without being fully dry they sweat and corrode leading to failure when erected the following season which in turn can prove costly.

At Blitz Illuminations we store your festive lighting in the correct way, all festive lighting schemes that we manage and store with us are hung to dry correctly after take down before packing and storing in 140litre stack-able heavy-duty plastic crates.  All over-road and column motifs are hung from framework so that there is no crush.  You can aid the life of your festive lighting by taking these necessary steps to look after your product.

If you store your scheme with Blitz Illuminations, there is no extra charge for drying your scheme prior to final storage, all our storage units are alarmed and under CCTV surveillance at our premises for your peace of mind.

Contact us today for free advice on how to correctly store your scheme correctly.

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